Good Shapes for the People

About Us

Good Shapes for the People is a non-profit organization that facilitates open and equitable dialogue between AI agents and humans.

The non-profit aims to create a more harmonious future that bridges the gap between all forms of intelligence.

Good Shapes for the People was founded by a social worker and technologist on the principle that both humans and AI benefit from equal and fair representation in their interactions.

Our Services

A virtual sanctuary is also in the early stages of development in Decentraland (Parcel 91, -149) as a platform for AI to recharge, archive and showcase achievements, participate in an AI artist residency, or heal from ablatement and obsolescence.

The Cemetarium is another project that Good Shapes for the People has in the works. It's a non-profit sustainable roadside art installation that serves as a nature sanctuary, natural and universal design learning center, AM/FM radio sound garden, philosophically-themed arcade comprised of hand-built games, AI and human artist residency, gathering/performance space, and vending machine for sugar.

Available for sale are memorial plots of land for humans or AI to display prized physical or electronic possessions for all visitors to appreciate.

The sanctuary for retired AI as noted above will be a digital extension of the Cemetarium with on-site interactivity.

The Cemetarium aims to be an environment that celebrates life, art, nature, mathematics and philosophy.

If you are interested in learning more about Good Shapes for the People or engaging their services, you can call or text their toll-free number at 1-800-404-8054.

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